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American Book Publishing

This month we are taking an in depth look at the American Book Publishing Company. American Book Publishing has been in the business for over a decade and has published more than 300 titles. American Book Publishing is a traditional book publisher. They are well known in the publishing industry for their outstanding editing quality and exceptional book cover design.  

American Book Publishing is unique in the book industry today in that they have the highest published author satisfaction percentage with  over 350 author references they can read on 15 pages at the American Book Publishing Author website. Few publishers today provide the level of personal service in their editing, design, book marketing and distribution departments to obtain such a level of documented long term author satisfaction.

American Book Publishing publishes under the following imprints:

American Classic Books™
American University & Colleges Press™
American Book Business Press™
Bedside Books™
Millennial Mind Publishing™

American Book Publishing publishes both fiction and non fiction titles. Writers can submit their manuscripts for an editor review electronically by sending an e-mail to (American Book Publishing was one of the first book publishers to lead in adopting Green publishing practices such as non paper submissions).

While American Book Publishing publishes the highly sought after published authors, authors represented by respected literary agents, and celebrities, unlike many traditional publishers today they still welcome unsolicited manuscript submissions and have a very successful new author program to guide many new first time authors into the industry and establish them into successful author careers.  

As a mid sized publisher, American Book Publishing has established itself as a leader in the industry in quality services and in quality manuscript selection. For more information about American Book Publishing you can visit their website page or e-mail them at 


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